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Floor Barre & Barre

Teacher Training

Floor barre and barre technique, inspired by and grew out of ballet training, emphasises alignment, balance, muscle strength and flexibility.

While developing a strong dancer posture, you will improve endurance, muscle tone and flexibility.

Özge Derman’s floor barre and barre technique helps you to practice the basics of ballet training with a contemporary vision: you will explore the ways to engage plural techniques into classical floor barre exercises and to build modifications for every level or specific goals.

Host a floor barre training in your studio

LEVEL 1 (13 hours)

Anatomy & Movement principles / Structure / Rhythm & Music / Exercises & Variations & Modifications 1

LEVEL 2 (10 hours)

Exercises & Variations & Modifications 2  

Özge Derman currently lives in Paris, France. She holds a B.A. in Contemporary Dance from Yildiz Technical University Arts and Design Faculty in Istanbul. Graduated in 2012, she trained with many local and international teachers in modern dance, classical ballet, improvisation, choreography, dance repertoire and composition, anatomy, music and rhythm. She studied dance, ballet and improvisation at Koninklijk Conservatorium in Antwerp (BE) in 2009.

She is a Balanced Body (USA) Comprehensive Pilates instructor since 2010 and Yoga instructor since 2016. (Swami Vivekananda Yoga University *S-VYASA-India 250 hours / Yoga Alliance E-RYT200 and Liquid Flow Yoga RYT500). She founded, managed and taught at her dance, pilates and yoga studio in Istanbul between 2010 and 2019. She is currently teaching pilates, yoga and barre classes in Paris. She speaks English, French, Italian and Turkish. 

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